At 7pm Ecobabe shops online for a replacement filter for her water and air purifiers

Why water filters? Depending on where you live, your tap water may contain contaminants you don’t know about. However, bottled water is not regulated, and comes in plastic bottles which can leach chemicals and become litter. Bottled water also causes pollution by having to be trucked from distant locations to your store. A tap filter helps you have clean water without the waste, and is cheaper!

Why air filters? Carpets & furniture can give off VOCs- volatile organic chemicals into the air. Pets can leave hair an dander, or you may even have mold in your home. A quality air filter helps to reduce these irritants.

NOTE: It’s always important to change air and water filters regularly, or you can defeat the purpose! E.g. Old water filters build up toxins and then can release them back out into your water.

Check out the Ecomall for filters and other green items.