Ecobabe's House
Here are some of the other cool things The EcoBabe has in her house that are eco-friendly!

Energy Star fridge

According to, ENERGY STAR refrigerators are required by the U.S. Department of Energy to use 20% less energy than models not labeled with the ENERGY STAR logo. That means you save 20% on the electric you pay to run it.

Where to find it: Any PC Richards or good appliance store.

PVC free shower curtain

PVC is polyvynil chloride- a known carcinogen. So why would you want a shower curtain made of that (most are) when you can have an eco-friendly one made from EVA, Ethylene vinyl acetate, (pvc free, odor free = no off-gassing)?

Where to find it:

Loofah kitchen scrubber

Everything we can use that biodegrades leaves less of a long term impact on the earth. So, even our kitchen scrubbers should be eco- friendly.

Loofah is a actually the dried out xylem of a tropical gourd. It makes a great dish or shower scrubber, and is totally natural and biodegradable.

Where to find it: Whole Foods,

Recycled toothbrush

Toothbrushes being used and thrown away into landfills is a thing of the past. Now we can have toothbrushes made from recycled #5 plastic-- and then recycle them again. The company Preserve takes yogurt cups, cleans them and re-uses the plastic. They’ll send you a mail-back package so you never have to throw out a toothbrush again, and your old one will have new life.

Where to find it: Whole Foods, 

Recycled Plastic colander

Preserve also makes recycled plastic colanders for your kitchen.

Pretty cool!

Where to find it: Whole Foods,

Recycled paper for printer

According to Recycleworks, Each 20 cases of recycled paper saves 17 trees, 390 gallons of oil, 7000 gallons of water, and 4100 kwh of energy. In order for recycling efforts to be successful, the paper we throw out must be turned into useful products. So buying recycled paper closes the loop. To be really eco-friendly, Ecobabe also looks for FSC and Processed Chlorine Free (PCF) paper for her office when possible.

Where to Find it: Staples, both carry recycled paper.

Green laptop

Ecobabe loves her MacBook Air. It is energy efficient and achieves the Energy Star rating, uses mercury-free LED (light emitting diode) lighting for the screen, and is made from recyclable aluminum. Normally computer screens have arsenic in the glass, but the Macbook Air does not. Why aren’t all laptops made this way?

Where to find it:

Bamboo floors and natural rugs

The Ecobabe loves hardwood flooring, because they are a more hygienic alternative to carpets which can harbor mold, pesticide residues, and dust. Typical synthetic carpets are made with multiple chemicals and glues that release VOCs (volatile organic compounds) into our indoor air. She wanted a floor made of a sustainable wood, so she chose bamboo. Bamboo grows much faster than trees used to make typical wood floors, so is considered more rapidly renewable.

Where to find it: or

A natural rug is a nice pairing with bamboo floors. The Ecobabe looks for rugs made from jute (burlap), sisal (a type of agave plant fiber), seagrass, or even bamboo.

Where to find it:,, or

Greenwash Laundry Ball

The Ecobabe doesn’t want to add unnecessary detergents into the environment. So instead she uses this cool Greenwash ball that ionizes laundry water and cleans clothes amazingly well. Unlike typical petroleum-based laundry detergents, the greenwash ball does not contain phthalate-ridden artificial scents or fragrances. This $30 ball filled simply with ionizing clay orbs will last 1000 washes.

Where to find it:,