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Most people don’t think about the impact of our clothing on the planet. Much of it is made with nylon or polyester which are basically plastics made from a petrochemical base. Plus all the dyes and additives to help them stay wrinkle-free.

There are clothes available, however, that are made from more natural fabrics, that have a lesser impact on the earth (everything has some impact, but we can at least reduce it). They are made with organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and lyocell.

Organic cotton: As it sounds, is cotton grown without pesticides and generally has the same texture as conventional cotton clothing.

Hemp: No, it’s not the kind you can smoke! It’s a different species of cannabis…grows very well (like a “weed,” as they say) and does not require use of pesticides. Fabric tends to be a little ore course, somewhat like linen.

Bamboo: believe it or not, bamboo fabric can be very soft, almost like silk. Bamboo trees grow very quickly so are considered sustainable.

Lyocell: is made from wood pulp cellulose that is spun into fibers. It is similar to rayon.

Where to find ecofashions:

There are literally hundreds of stores now across the U.S. where such fashions can be found. Some of these clothes can tend to be a bit more expensive of you buy them at boutiques, but now even target and Walmart are carrying some of these more eco-friendly clothes and you can always bargain-shop online.

Here are some of Ecobabe’s favorite boutiques:

83 Orchard St

Jet’s Dream
212 Main St, Greenport, Long Island

Natural High Lifestyle
2400 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA

EcoVibe Apparel
921 NW Everett Street, Portland, Oregon 97209

Catalogs and Online: (for baby stuff)

niksters.comEco-bathing suits!!

Major Stores: